About UltraLED

Building upon technological advances in LED to improve school bus safety, UltraLED Lighting  was originally  branded as the proprietary lighting line of the Billingsley holding company Heavy Duty Bus Parts, Inc.  Over 40 years in the school bus industry, including innovative exhaust systems, seating and lighting, Billingsley holdings incorporated UltraLED, Inc. as a Texas C-Corp entity, creating a management team with a focus on new lighting technology throughout the school bus, transit, heavy duty, fleets and 12V vehicle markets.

New product development is the key focus of UltraLED Lighting and a major point of differentiation between them and their competitors. The majority of the UltraLED product line across all markets are developed by the product team responding to dealer or end-user input combined with the latest in technological advances. This culture has been the core of the past success of the Billingsley family companies and drives the product development for UltraLED lighting to remain on the cusp of emerging technology and consistently delivery a proprietary line of unique lighting products.

Core Values

Teamwork - Communication, candor, respect and a cohesive vision among product development, management and service teams creates the teamwork culture we value at UltraLED and across all our company portfolio. We strive to extend this teamwork relationship with our dealers and customers to create a winning atmosphere and brand that everyone is proud to be involved.

Quality – Beginning with the research and development every component is specified within strict tolerances and moving through the production process, QC programs are implemented for testing during each critical production phase. Our goal is dependable products so our customers can get it right the first time, every time.

Service – The Billingsley family companies have been in have been in business for over than 40 years for a primary reason. Customer service at every level.

Technology & Product Development – Research and Development is the core of UltraLED, Inc. Focusing on both our dealer and customers needs and integrating with emerging technology that intersects the curve during final development insures our products are on the leading edge, which delivers the assurance of a value to our customers. 





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